Medical payment coverage on your automobile insurance should not be overlooked.  It is my experience that most people do not know what the coverage is and why it is important.  This has led to them purchase less of this coverage than they should.   It is coverage that provides medical payments for your injuries in an automobile accident.  Most insurance policies will provide coverage regardless as to whom is the at fault driver.  This means you likely have coverage if you collide with someone else or if they collide with you.  Medical payment coverage is a great benefit if you have no medical insurance or have high deductible medical insurance because your medical bills will be paid up to the policy limits for injuries due to a motor vehicle accident.  Many insurance companies offer $5,000 per person per accident as the standard amount.   However, you should consider the cost to raise the limits higher and decide if that is a good financial decision for you to purchase more insurance.  Usually, the cost to have more coverage for medical payments is low and the addition money in coverage will be worth every penny if you ever need it due to a motor vehicle accident.  Most companies will offer medical payment coverage of $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000.  Some will offer higher amounts so shop the companies to determine who can provide the coverage you prefer at a reasonable price.  Remember, medical payment coverage is only part of your insurance policy.  Review each part of your insurance policy with a representative of the insurance company to make sure you understand the coverage you are buying.